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The Association – Members (English)

 How to become a member:

 Please note that our financial year concurs with the calendar year. Hence it’s possible to become a member at any time (e.g., immediately, starting January 1 or at any point in the future), but it’s possible to resign only at the end of the year by sending a letter (or e-mail) to the Secretary.

You are required to pay the annual dues, preferably before the year concerned starts; however a payment in the month of January is acceptable as well. You will be notified in case renewal of your membership is due.

The current membership dues are:

membership without the wood samples, per annum

€ 30,00

Membership including the wood samples (sent by mail) per annum

€ 71,00

 Shipping rates to foreign countries will be calculated on current shipping charges.

 Once you apply for membership and your dues have been received by the treasurer, you will be assigned a membership number and you will be notified of it. Your membership takes effect from the moment your dues are received..

 A Student membership is available at a reduced rate of  € 15,00 per annum only, provided that with your application you send us proof of tour student (or school pupil) status signed by your teacher, overseer, etc. (whatever applies). This membership does not include the wood samples which however you may subscribe to, at the going rate.

 If you and someone who is already a member live at the same address, you may become a ‘shared house’ member at a very substantial reduction, viz. € 4,50 per annum.


Here’s what the Society has to offer:

 The magazine/ Wood specimens/ microscopic slides/ excursions and lectures/ Wood Identification days/ etc.

 You will receive our Magazine, but it’s in Dutch. It contains articles on trees, wood species and various other subjects and is sent free of charge. Also you’ll find the list of activities taking place in the near future.

 In case you subscribe to them you will get the wood specimens, identified by our Botanical Committee (we do not rely on trade indications per se).  Of course you can subscribe if you want, or not subscribe.  Specimens issued in the past and still available are on our list named Actuele Monstervoorraad and can be had from our Wood Master.

 If you like you can subscribe to the Microscope slides (1.75 EUR each).

 Nehosoc  also organizes  Excursions which are advertised in our Magazine, and on the website.

 Then there are the wood identification days but really they include a lot of education too. Currently these are at Amsterdam but we expect to change our venue to Breukelen in the foreseeable future.


How does our Society work?

 The daily work is done by the executive board consisting of chairman, secretary and treasurer who are aided by specialists such as the wood master, commissioner of specimens, wood buyer and Magazine editor. Each committee is chaired by a board member.


  • Please write to the secretary for general information, membership matters, change of address and to order specimens.

  • Please write to the editor for contributions, comments on articles, questions about the Magazine, etc.

  • Please inform the wood buyer if you happen to know that interesting wood can be had

  • Please write to the treasurer on all financial matters.

 Note that payments can be made using the following data:

NL03 INGB 0000 3029 94, mentioning Penningmeester NEHOSOC, Venusstraat 27, 1562 ZA Krommenie NETHERLANDS/

Another account that can be used is:
IBAN: NL03 INGB 0000 3029 94