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14 juni 2015  Boek over Zuid-Afrikaanse houtsoorten
Auteur: Nelis Mourik

Deze brief, oorspronkelijk afkomstig van Briza Publikasies/Publications in Zuid-Afrika (, is ons toegestuurd door Barry James, één van de auteurs van het boek, en ook de man achter de levering van de partij Zuid-Afrika hout enkele jaren geleden.
Het is een verzoek om sponsoring, en een voorbeeld van de lay-out van één houtsoort.

29 May 2015

To whom it may concern

Request to consider a sponsorship
Briza Publications is a small, independent publishing house based in Gauteng, South Africa. Briza was founded in 1990 with the sole purpose of publishing an identification guide to grasses of South Africa. Now in its third edition, Guide to Grasses of southern Africa is still a perennial bestseller! From these humble beginnings Briza has grown into a leading publisher of books on botany in South Africa.

We specialise in publishing titles on botany and natural history for the local and international market. All our titles are of high quality, have a practical approach and the content is highly informative.

Please visit our website for more information about Briza and the titles currently available.

Southern African Wood – for all who appreciate wood (Working title) by Stephanie Dyer, Barry James and Danielle James is a manuscript that needs to be published. The need for a book covering the wood properties of Southern African tree species has often been expressed, especially by woodworkers who use indigenous species, or those who would like to but are unsure of what uses the different woods are best suited to or how the woods will respond to different processes, treatments and environmental conditions.

This book makes information on Southern African woods accessible to a number of users, ranging from the professional woodworker, designer, architect, wood dealer and wood collector to the hobbyist and those who simply love trees and wood.

The choice of species (131 species) is based on the availability of technical data and photographs, as well as experience in harvesting, processing and utilising the wood. The technical data covers information such as the mechanical properties, workability and durability of the wood, whilst the photographs, in addition to images of manufactured products, provide an aid to identification of the tree, the wood itself (long grain) and beautiful end-grain macrographs which provide a key, basic identification tool.

The authors hope to pass on some of their passion for Southern African indigenous woods, and to encourage the wise, legal and sustainable use of these unique and beautiful woods.

The comprehensive content of Southern African Wood is unparalleled and it stands alone as a one of a kind publication on this subject.

Briza Publications is proud to be the publisher of this book. However, as it will be a rather expensive undertaking and we aim to make the book available at an affordable price to the public at large, we hereby invite you to partake in this venture.

Technical information:
Format: 210 x 260 mm (Portrait)
Pages: 320
Paper: 115gsm Art
Printing: Full colour throughout, 16 page sections sewn
Binding: Hard cover in full colour, gloss laminated
Print run: 5 000 copies (English: 3 000; Afrikaans 2 000)
Price: R350,00 (VAT incl.)
Publication date: Early 2016

Limited quantity of leather bound copies will be available. Price still to be determined.

Briza and the authors aim to attract R150 000 in sponsorship value. We invite you to support us in reaching this goal by means of any of the options listed below:

1. Sole sponsorship to the value R150 000. The sponsor will have one page available in the book to be used for a full colour advertisement or as an advertorial. The sponsor’s name and/or logo will be printed on the back cover of the book as well as acknowledged on the title page of the book. The sponsor will receive 50 copies.
2. Mutual sponsorship to the value of R75 000. A mutual sponsor will have half a page available in the book to be used for a full colour advertisement or as an advertorial. Each sponsor will receive 25 copies.
3. Mutual sponsorship to the value of R25 000. Sponsors will have a quarter of a page to be used for a full colour advertisement or as an advertorial. Each sponsor will receive 8 copies.
4. Mutual sponsorship to the value of R10 000. Sponsors’ names and/or logos will be listed in full colour on a front inside page. Each sponsor will receive 5 copies.

Comprehensive marketing, locally and internationally, by our marketing team to all relevant bookshops, concerns and institutions will be done and the book will be featured on Briza’s website. Efforts will be made to create interest in the book by the printed and broadcasting media.

We trust that with the support of sponsors this book will be a valuable instrument in creating awareness and appreciation for one of our natural resources and responsible utilization of this asset.

Yours sincerely

CJ Steenkamp
Manager: Production
Briza Publications

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