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31 mei 2015  IWCS Annual General Meeting I
The 2015 IWCS Annual General Meeting will be held
in State College, Pennsylvania, USA, on the campus of
the Pennsylvania State University.
The official program will run from Monday, July 20th
to Thursday, July 23rd.
The IWCS Board of Trustees meeting will be held
on Sunday afternoon, July 19th, and early check-in and
reception will be open that Sunday evening. Our host tree
will be the stately American Elm, Ulmus americana, of
which there are many fi ne old specimens on campus.
We will be pleased to be joined by the International
Association of Wood Anatomists (,
who will be sharing the facilities and programs with us,
including some courses that will be taught by
IAWA members.
The theme of the meeting will be “Back to School!”
Attendees will be able to select from a menu the “schedule”
of classes and events they would like to attend, and then we
will spend the four days “attending college” just like our
Penn State students do. The menu of classes will include,
among others:
• wood identification, taught by wood scientists of
the IAWA and professional antique conservator Randy
• state of the art identification of valuable and
endangered wood species through DNA analysis, taught by
Dr. Chuck Cannon of Texas Tech University;
• Index Xylariorum (
ecbot/wood-index/) and a survey of its collections, taught
by Dr. Pieter Baas, editor of the IAWA Journal, and former
director of the National Herbarium of the Netherlands;
• the Penn State wood collection, the Penn State
herbarium, and arboretum;
• efforts of The American Chestnut Foundation and
its plantation near the Penn State campus;
• a one-day program of wood energy for public and
private heating;
• ornithology 101 and a bird-watching tour in the
Penn State Arboretum, taught by Penn State professor Dr.
Margaret Brittingham;
• Pennsylvania logging history and Life on the
Colonial Pennsylvania frontier taught by an ‘authentic
18th-century’woodsman (reenactment);
• Wood archaeology 101 taught by Penn State
professor and IAWAmember Lee Newsom, who is
currently working on positive identifi cation of what are
thought to be the newly-discovered remains of Christopher
Columbus’ flagship, the Santa Maria;
• Wood furniture artistry taught by Penn State
alumnus and furniture-maker Mike Korsak;
• Wood Carving 101 taught by long-time IWCS
member and Past President Earl Deemer;
• Spouse-led crafting classes;
• and many others yet to be confirmed.
In addition, and included for the price of registration, there
will on-campus sawmill demonstration and lumber auction,
featuring logs salvaged from State College urban tree
removals (including a stately old American elm);
tree and shrub tours of the Penn State campus, and a tour of
Pennsylvania’s Fisherman’s Paradise, a local trout hatchery
in a scenic setting. And for a change of pace, attendees will
be able to visit the Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State, the
Berkey Creamery; and the Penn State All-Sports Museum.
We’ll all relax together at a reception hosted through a
generous contribution by the IAWA, and a memorable
closing banquet with local entertainment.
In addition to the lumber auction, there will be the
traditional IWCS craft auction offering the best of member’s
contributions; a burl auction, and just confirmed, an estate
auction of the wood collection of Charles Carter, IWCS #5245.
Charles writes:
“There are exotics like cocobolo, wenge, padauk, as well as
cherry, red oak, walnut, curly maple, birds eye maple, some
burls, etc. There are many packaged bundles and boards up
to 8’ from 1/2” thick to 3” thick with some boards up to
16’ long that could be cut in half here if necessary. There are
many tools and hardware as well as fasteners and fi nishes.
Some fi ne books on woods and woodworking are available
as well as patterns for wood projects. I think you could
probably fi ll a trailer and two cars or maybe even a medium
sized truck.”
So, in case you weren’t counting, we are hoping to have four
(4!) separate auctions, or enough for one auction every day!
That should keep things lively!
Evenings will be free for attendees to enjoy the pleasant
atmosphere of a northeastern university town with all its
charm. Lunches will be served to attendees during the day
as part of the registration fee. Breakfast and dinners, as well
as lodging, will be left to individual attendees tastes and
More information on registration fees ($249 for the public,
with a $39 discount for IWCS and IAWA members) and
lodging options will be forthcoming in future issues of the
World of Wood. We have a website set up with the most
current information at
and there will be a site for on-line registration that should
be live by mid-March. The registration site will also provide
information for those who prefer direct registration by mail
and check, as will the next issue of World of Wood.

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